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Brosk Ghostie’s Beats/Loops/Sounds



What can be said about these sample packs? Well, there’s stuff in them. Magical stuff? Maybe. Typical stuff? Nah, Brosk Ghostie stuff.

These sample packs feature everything you need to pull yourself out of a creative rut. Each pack contains 4 WAV files, at 6 minutes each, that will import into any DAW. Open all 4 files together, as separate tracks, so all the loops line up. Sample them, re-sample them, speed them up, or slow them down. You can copy and paste a section you like, or simply cut a part of a sound you like to create an entirely new instrument on whatever synth or MIDI keyboard setup you have! Remove a drum track and add your own beat. Take the beat and create your own melody. Do whatever it is that will keep you in your creative state of mind!

There are 4 volumes available, including a FREE, smaller pack to give you an idea of what to expect. Each volume is completely different and is offered for $5/each (that’s less than $1/minute!), or you can buy all 4 and get a BONUS pack for $18!! That’s 5 sample packs, plus the free one, making 6 for under $20!!!


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